Now or Neverland Exhibition: An Exploration of Urban Surrealism

Miami Urban Contemporary Experience

Entry Deadline: Sep. 30

200 NW 54th Street
Miami, FL 33142

Miami Urban Contemporary Experience invites visual artists to submit works in all media for this ensemble of exhibitions. Eligibility is open to all performance, installation, traditional and new media artists. All entries must be of original design and personal execution.

“NOW or NEVERLAND” is a multidisciplinary exhibition developed to share stories about life in urban communities (like Miami) and the personal fables that develop throughout childhood and linger into adulthood.  The collective exhibit makes use of performance, installation, traditional and new media art works exploring this theme of social development.

The fictional location of Neverland, and its literal reference to the barren, or sparsely settled region is juxtaposed to symbolize Liberty City and similarly economically neglected neighborhoods in the urban landscape. Historically, they have been branded as somewhere you would never never, never want to go. As the urban landscape transforms, it has NOW become the new settlement of those foreign to the community (from hipsters, to new immigrants). The corresponding elements of the fable of Neverland respectively shares the same canvas with reality.  This exhibition is designed to explore these experiences.

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