Not Your Typical Love Story


Entry Deadline: Jan. 4

1017 Wappoo Rd
Charleston, SC 29407

The show will be an exhibit and sale of paintings and sculpture that illustrate a different kind of love story. Work should depict an experience of when you’ve felt connected or disconnected. So much focus on commercialized view of romance around Valentine’s Day. But in the immortal words of Tina Turner “What’s love got to do with it?” There has to be more creative expressions to represent love other than sticky valentines. Ms. Irish, Fabulon’s director, will be showing Don’t Forget to Dance for the first and only time before it goes to its new owner. This is a painting of advice to people reexamining or defining what is paramount in interpersonal relationships. Prints will be sold during the show with a donation going to My Sister’s House.

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