NKU HIC Permanent Outdoor Art Installation

Northern Kentucky University

Entry Deadline: Dec. 1

1 Louie B. Nunn Dr.
Highland Heights, KY 41099


**The full RFP can be viewed at https://www.nkuplanroom.com/View/Default.aspx
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NKU seeks an artist or artist team to design, construct and install a permanent 3D art installation on the west side of the new Health Innovation Center (HIC) which is under construction and will be occupied in the summer of 2018.

The Health Innovation Center has been carefully sited to create a unique campus space. The building’s site design is highly developed, including a series of rain gardens, a covered outdoor seating area leading from an indoor café, and major campus pedestrian pathways. Of most interest, however, is the project’s goal to restore the original topography in the area between the HIC and adjacent Nunn Hall. This design allowed for ADA access from the lower quad area to the prominent upper plaza, which previously had been impossible due to the 28 foot elevation difference. The topography lines are inferred in the terracing of the hillside under the building; this concept extends into the building, into the double-height forum space which extends inward from the glassed-enclosed southwest corner of the building. Refer to PPT prepared by the architect, CO Architects, describing the site concept for this building:


Refer to this link for the architect’s renderings of the building: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s4eh7udwiue70iq/AAA_iw_zkTlI1tyAFAgDqQ-ya?dl=0

The art installation should organically engage the pathway and the space. It could reference the landscape. The University envisions an art installation, not a singular sculptural object. It could be a series of pieces that create experiences that specifically respond to the topography, and that reference the themes of health and humanity, wellbeing, and connectivity. Artists could also consider concepts that engage students or provide shelter, or respite.

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