Navigating The Global Art Markets

Art World Forum, St. Regis Hotel

Entry Deadline: Oct. 18

29 Tanglin Rd
Singapore, SGP 247911

Art World Forum presents “Navigating The Global Art Markets,” a full day conference held on Tuesday 18 October 2016, at the St. Regis Hotel, Singapore.

Art World Forum bridges art and business by providing an international platform for industry experts  and opinion leaders to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities faced by art collectors, investors, dealers, insurers, lawyers, academics and more. We encourage a strengthened international art business community to promote the open exchange of ideas and information.

Delegates will have the opportunity to network with leading experts in the art industry from Asia and around the world, learn about how the market is affecting the various sectors that contribute to the
global art market, and develop key relationships that may lead to future business opportunities. Through a selection of presentations, dialogues and panel discussions, local, regional and global
contemporary issues will be addressed in an effort to better understand  who the key drivers affecting the global art markets are.

Our theme, ‘Navigating The Global Art Markets’, reflects the range of participating bodies within jthe industry, their varying dynamics and the relationship the markets have with its benefactors. Targeted
topic discussions will include the emergence of the online art market and its impact, the new buying  habits of emerging and established collectors and art investors, art as an asset class and the corporate
value of art.

To register your attendance of for general inquiries please contact [email protected]


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