Men’s Art: The Hero’s Journey

Columbia Center for the Arts

Entry Deadline: Nov. 30

215 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 387-8877

Eligibility: Male artists living within Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and California.

Exhibition Details: Is there a difference between man and myth, or is each the reflection of the other? Explore the stories that define our lives through archetypal characters, cultural symbols, and dreams. These timeless stories guide us, anchor us and help us understand who we are and why we are here. “The Hero’s Journey” will reveal how men visualize themselves and their personal mythologies.

Our first exhibition of the New Year is an exploration of the hero’s journey through the eyes of male artists from Pacific Northwest Region. Working in a variety of artistic forms, artists will consider their personal psychological journeys, the adventure of the examined life, and the deep roots of individual artistic expression.

Curated by artist Chas Martin, the show will include artists working in all 2-d and 3-d media.

Fees: $35 for up to 5 Images. Entry fees are non-refundable and must be paid by the entry deadline.


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