Los Angeles Fashion Week

Six Summit Gallery

Entry Deadline: Mar. 12

650 South Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
PHONE 917-573-0029


LOS ANGELES- Exploding Downtown Los Angeles- DTLA Fashion Week – Six Summit Gallery curates Art Hearts Fashion at

The Majestic Downtown: 650 South Spring St. Los Angeles CA , 90014

The largest fine art and fashion platform in LA. Multiple inclusive elegant and dynamic shows with attendance in the thousands. A diverse crowd combining art and fashion draws an international crowd of artists, designers, and celebrities. A beautiful combination of emerging and established talent connected to great causes. The Majestic Downtown is an iconic filming location and event venue that is recognized as being a historical masterpiece in DTLA since 1924. With a combined 25,000+ square feet and stunning historically preserved ambiance, The Majestic has 40 foot high Italian ceilings, arched windows, sculpted marble columns and original marble floors lend a rich historical beauty.

Accepted Artists receive complimentary admission to All shows All days for themselves and a guest. We are encouraging artists who will attend the shows and participate. See below for more details.

Open Call to, Installers, Interactive, Decorative, Artists, Sculptors,
Photographers, Painters-SIX SUMMIT GALLERY WITH ART HEARTS FASHION! at the newly renovated splendid Majestic.

This venue is large. We are encouraging sculptures, decorative, installation, interactive as well as very Large art. We can absorb a lot of pieces. No size limit if it can fit on your easel or free stand. You may not scratch the floors. Seating for fashion shows is not guaranteed nor necessary to enjoy and participate in the production. Call or text (917)-573-0029 with direct questions or email [email protected] Do not call The Majestic or Art Hearts Fashion.
Art does not have to be directly fashion related.

Art Hearts Fashion to Break New Ground with over 20 Designers in DTLA—Revolutionary bi-coastal fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion partners with multi-platform fine art concern: Six Summit Gallery. A favorite among press and celebrities alike, this season Art Hearts Fashion brings an impressive lineup of over 20 acclaimed designers to the catwalk during 4 full days of runway shows.

[email protected] SEE Below block for submission instructions.

You are required to bring easels for your setup. (There is a local vendor who supplies at discount we will add contact info) Wooden is preferred or you must put pads under to prevent scratching. Your work will not be permitted if this is not accomplished. This is an exquisite platform with many friends and artists whom you may know. Thank You
Shows dates and times will be listed here:


Installations, Decorative, Interactive, Paintings, Photos works in all media. This show is open to all artists regardless of place of residence however you must deliver in person. Live painters will have a separate entry process. Please email [email protected] with live proposals.

All work will be judged by email entry via [email protected] You MUST write [YOUR NAME]” IN THE SUBJECT OF EMAIL. YOUR NAME MUST BE THE SAME ON YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD Example: Subject: FASHION SUBMISSION: John Doe. Files must be in .jpg format, 300 dpi, max 900 pixels in any dimension. File name should correspond to the title of the piece. PUT title, medium, artist, price, and size as JPEG FILE EXTENSION NAME.! No accepted work may be removed prior to the show’s conclusion. ALL work must be for sale on easels that you bring. You may not make holes in walls. Sculptors must bring their own pedestals or free standing is OK You are required to make your own labels. They must include Title, Medium,Price, and Your Name, with instagram tag, @sixsummitgallery #SixSummitGallery and SSG Logo and on bottom “To purchase now call or text Leo 917-573-0029 and we will come to you” – www.sixsummitgallery.com” clearly visible. Labels must be typed, NOT hand written.
Purchases will take place during the show on our website- https://sixsummitgallery.com/products/event-submissions-products

Customers can leave with art. Become familiar with our shopping cart, dollar amounts may sometimes require more than one item in cart to reach exact dollar amount.

The Show Committee reserves the right to disallow the exhibition of any artist or work, at any time which, in the opinion of the Committee, that is considered detrimental to the good public image of the show and its sponsors, which is too fragile to handle, or which is not accurately represented by the photo submitted. Six Summit Gallery, We reserve the right to photograph work or use submitted images for our publicity. We reserve the right to disallow you from the process or show at any time, and there is no guarantee all of your submissions will be accepted. Submission fees are no-refundable. ENTRY FEES: Easily click on www.sixsummitgallery.com online store and go to ONLINE STORE-EVENTS SUBMISSION section and choose 2 submissions and one guest for $50. Up to 5 submissions and 4 guests for $75- Please call with any special situations. Artist receives 50% on accepted sold work. We may allow a standard shared discount up to 10% without notifying artist. We encourage artists to invite clients to the show.
[email protected] Include your Call Back Number!

Delivery: MARCH 17th – 3:00-4:00PM(this may change) – stay and help arrange art.
Removal: MARCH 20TH – as soon as last show starts/ends up until midnight.

Fashion Showtimes listed here:

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