L.A. Photo Curator: ‘Hometown’ with curator Barb Peacock

L.A. Photo Curator

Entry Deadline: Oct. 30

Los Angeles,, CA 90026


Note from Peacock: “I am looking for a moment; a real, authentic slice of life. It can be taken anywhere in your hometown or city where you reside. It could be a gathering, an event, a festival or simply at the local market or laundry mat.

The location doesn’t matter, what does matter is your ability to observe & capture a moment that unfolds organically and reveals something to us about human nature and life. The photographer is the observer and with the patience of a fox and will wait and watch as a fly on the wall.

Nothing should be directed, moved or intervened. The photographer however should move –up, down & around – being careful not to include distracting elements that compete with the primary subjects of your story. Be sure to dodge & burn your final entry so you lead the viewer straight to the important parts of the image, & away from what is not. I will be looking for this.
There is no photo shopping allowed in this contest – you can dodge and burn just like in a dark room…but no cloning or removal of details.

Successful stories will be concise yet with just a bit of tension or mystery. Give us a good story, but don’t give it all away. And, finally make us stop. Engage us. Make us wonder.”

Read about Peacock in Lenscratch:
Lenscratch http://lenscratch.com/2015/03/barbara-peacock-hometown

15% of artist fees go to 2 charities per competition. 7.5% to the curator’s choice of charity and 7.5% to the first place winner’s chosen charity.

ALL entrants work is exhibited in a group online exhibition. Each entrant is asked to submit 3 images so they can have their own page w/ their images, bio, artist statement & contact info. In keeping with our mission of creating exposure opportunities and PR, we are proud to offer this feature. We hope this creates a vehicle that can take your work further and be seen by more people. We will waive the entry fee to 2 entrants in need.


Barb’s charity- Good Shepard Food Bank of Maine

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