I’ve Been Everywhere, Man: Musicians on the Road

Nave Gallery Annex

Entry Deadline: Oct. 3

53 Chester St
Somerville, MA 02144


We elevate our heroes. The gods are in the clouds. Superheroes fly. Marbled idols stand on pedestals. And our cameras aim at musicians where they are at their best—on stage. But how do they get there? And, more importantly—with days dedicated to cramped cars, thin wallets, beat-up motels, loneliness—why do they follow that long and winding road from one venue to the next? ‘I’ve Been Everywhere, Man: Musicians on the Road’ is an intimate exhibition of the reflections, adventures, humor, and hardships of musicians on tour.

The Nave Gallery Annex (Somerville, MA) encourages musicians, road crew, engineers, venue employees, and other supporters of the music scene as well as professional artists to submit work. All mediums will be considered. Applications will be accepted until October 3, 2014. There is no entry fee for this call for art.

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