Into the Sea: Fairytales of Atlantis COLLABORATIVE ART & POETRY BOOK

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Entry Deadline: Dec. 31

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According to Plato and Greek mythology, the island of Atlantis was a utupia whose inhabitants became too greedy and power hungry (there are some variations on this). To punish them, Zeus and the other gods sank Atlantis.

We wondered, what if this story was more of a classic princess fairytale, where Princess Kleito (who marries Poseidon), has to sink Atlantis in order to save it? Aaaand Go!

Send us your poems, fairytales, and artworks that have to do with Atlantis in any way. We will select the best pieces to be published together in the final anthology, “Into the Sea: Fairytales of Atlantis.” (See page posts for examples of a spread layout, and the whimsical style of art and poetry we are hoping to receive.)

Feel free to do your own research on Atlantis/Greek myths and use anything else you find as a jumping off point as well!

This is intended to be a collaboration between many artists and writers all over the world, so help us to spread the word! Also, as a collaboration, we are asking for submission drafts. That is, if you have an entire poem or art piece already that you feel would fit to illustrate this story, please submit that! However if you have an IDEA for a final piece, i.e. A sketch or outline, but will require more time to complete, please submit what you have by Dec 1 and include a proposed timeline for finishing the piece. We will review all of the submissions by January 1, and announce a final publishing date based on submissions.

Deadline for first draft submissions: Dec 1, 2017
Send submissions and questions to: [email protected]
Please include: Artwork or poem, title, artist/author/contributors, date completed, medium, and social media handles for contributors. Also feel free to tell us about what exactly inspired you! (Though this is not required.)
Thank you! We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with!

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