Inter-Portrait Show

bg Gallery

Entry Deadline: Nov. 28

2525 Michigan Ave #G8A
Santa monica, CA 90404

Submit examples of currently available artworks for exhibit consideration.

If chosen you will be asked to create a new self-portrait. Which you will then slice up to be interspersed with other self-portraits of artists in the show. to create several multi-panel striped portraits. For example, your eye might be placed next to another artists nose in one of the portraits and your nose next to another artists eye in another.

Samples of artworks to show your skill level in any style. This exhibit is not limited to figurative portraiture. Conceptual and abstract portraiture is also welcome.

The exhibit will take place spring 2018.

Entry $20

-Best 30 artists will be exhibited

-Artists must cover their own costs of delivery to and from the gallery. 2525 Michigan Ave #g8a, Santa Monica CA 90404

-If included in the exhibit standard gallery 50/50 splits for art sales will apply

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