History and Politics now

Union Street Gallery

Entry Deadline: Aug. 6

1527 Otto Blvd
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 754-2601


Union Street Gallery invites artists to submit work that engages with our history and politics now. This is an important time to engage with art that promotes contemplation of our current and past social, political, economic, etc. conditions, in order to think about how they inform the future. Union Street Gallery does not want to support the divisive and overly negative conversations that have been too prevalent in the recent past; but rather we encourage a rigorous, thoughtful, cogent, and clever reflection of these times. Political satire and free speech are cornerstones of the American political and social landscape and should not be discounted; yes we ask that your wit and talent not be used as a weapon, but rather a mirror or magnifying glass.

Artwork engaging with the above theme can do so through the design, concept, or construction of the artwork. All media is welcome for submission. Statements about the work are strongly encouraged, but not required.

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