Faces of the World Portrait Competition

SquidInk Gallery

Entry Deadline: Nov. 1

421 E 14th street
Antioch, CA 94509


This event is online only
We are now accepting submissions for Faces of the World Portrait Competition! for our end of the year show we want to celebrate life, diversity and identity. This is an open medium show, so all artists are welcomed to participate. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your entries…

For photography we are looking for entries that speak emotionally and visually to us. We do not want just photos of people. We want meaning and to see your hand as an artist in your work. Portraits do not need to be literal, we will be accepting abstract as well as representational art pieces. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your submissions please contact us.
[email protected]

Grand Prize $75
Honorable Mention $50
Double Take $25

Submission prices
Single entry $6.00
Submissions (Reduced Price) $14.00

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