Exhibition Opportunity at New Public Sculpture Park

Price Sculpture Forest

Entry Deadline: Aug. 15

678 Parker Road
Coupeville, WA 98239
PHONE 209-736-7378


Price Sculpture Forest is reaching out to sculptors who would like to publicly exhibit your outdoor work for sale or otherwise for public exhibition at this exciting and beautiful new upcoming sculpture park. For early participants, we are offering zero commission (100% to artist), marketing of your work, and no jury submission fee. We are also allowing early participants to choose your own desired best location for your sculpture within the park.

We are opening with two initial focus themes: Nature Nurtured (evoking natural elements, ecosystems, wildlife, or our interaction with those) and Whimsy Way (bring on the fun factor with unusual, humorous, or “cool”). Selection is based on quality of sculptures and relevance to either of the two opening themes.

The park is currently under active construction. We are providing advance personal tours for interested sculptors. We anticipate opening to the public around August-September 2020.  This will be an ongoing open call filled on a first come / first selected / first served basis.

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