Exhibeo “Time and Seasons” Art Competition (Extended to 01/20/15)

Exhibeo Art Magazine

Entry Deadline: Jan. 20

4433 Lasalle
Montreal, QC


Exhibeo Art Magazine takes a broad approach to our theme driven competitions. For this competition, we will be accepting 2D paintings, mosaic, drawings, pastels, etching,mix media photography and 3D sculpture. Any artist over 18 years of age anywhere in the world is eligible to apply. Your art can focus on either time or the seasons. Or both.

Your work can be in any genre (landscape, abstract, still life, portraiture, figurative) and executed in any “ism” (realism, impressionism, surrealism, expressionism, abstract expressionism, minimalism, etc).

We are open to a wide range of subject matter that relates to time and seasons: human activity, seasonal rituals, times of day, daily rituals, various perspectives on time – birth, death, the stages of life, moments frozen in time, a second, minute, hour, day, tectonic movement and natural erosion over eons, or cosmic space/time to list but a few. The doors are wide open.

Please visit our website for more information regarding prizes and entry fees.

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