Exhibeo Art Magazine’s “Art of Abstraction” Art Competition

Exhibeo Art Magazine

Entry Deadline: Feb. 6

4433 Lasalle
Montreal, QC


The Theme

For the purposes of this competition, we will accept both abstracted representational to non-representational 2D paintings, drawings, pastels, or mixed medium artwork that aim at abstracting the essential qualities of a thought, concept, emotion, narrative, thing, shape or color.

Abstraction is the process of taking away or removing characteristics from something to reduce it to some set of essential characteristics. In art speak, “abstraction” refers to art in which only some of the visual elements usually ascribed to ‘the natural world’ are extracted (i.e. ‘to abstract’). There are varying degrees of abstraction in art. Some art that retains certain recognizable features of “the real world” like a face, or a figure (however distorted) nonetheless can be qualified as art of abstraction by virtue of emphasizing essential characteristics above and beyond specific concrete subject matter. Picasso and Matisse come to mind. Art of total or near total abstraction has no trace of recognizable features from “the real world” except the actual materials used to create the art (the actual paint, for instance). Such art represents thought processes, concepts or emotions through abstract visual inference. Kandinsky, Newman and Rothko come to mind. Some artists, like Frank Kupka, explored the full range of abstraction from abstracted representational art to total abstraction.

We encourage all applicants to fill out the field on the submission form entitled “Tell Us About the Artwork”. Don’t describe your work (we have eyes to see). Rather, tell us the story behind the painting: What is the work about? What motivated you to paint it? If there’s a reason for the materials you use, the manner in which you work, or the techniques you utilize we want to hear about it.


1st Place winner: $300 cash prize + full interview published in Exhibeo online Art Magazine

2nd Place winner: $200 cash prize + promo features published in Exhibeo online Art Magazine

3rd Place winner: $100 cash prize + promo features published in Exhibeo online Art Magazine

All winners of each of of our art competitions is featured in our social media and direct mailing marketing strategies to raise awareness of our winning artists among art collectors, as well as significantly boost their general online exposure.

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