Emerging Artist Opportunity: Exhibit at World Wide Art Los Angeles

World Wide Art Los Angeles

Entry Deadline: Aug. 20

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA


Starry Night is proud to partner with the World Wide Art Los Angeles to curate, represent and support emerging artists at the World Wide Art Fair, which runs from October 16th through 19th, 2014. We will be featuring cutting edge, contemporary art by talented, dedicated emerging artists in one of the world’s fastest growing art markets.

The Starry Night Exposure Program is dedicated to supporting, exhibiting and promoting artists who want to get their name out there and sell their work. It was designed with up and coming, emerging artists in mind. We offer comprehensive representation in a place swimming with thousands of interested buyers, dealers, and collectors. Whether you are hoping to find gallery representation, sell your work, or just get your name in front of the art world in an unprecedented way, having a presence at this highly recognized venue represents a major step in any artist’s career. We encourage 2D, 3D and video artists to apply.


Apply online

All 2D works will be accepted for consideration, so long as the dimensions are under 28” x 28”. Some exceptions may be considered, including 3D wall hung works.

End to end exhibition, portfolio creation, and catalogue presentation by dedicated staff
Exposure to thousands of serious buyers
Access to collectors, dealers and gallerists without the high cost of renting a booth
Personal introductions to gallerists, dealers and collectors
No-strings representation to encourage our artists get picked up by a gallery
Participate in exclusive VIP events in Los Angeles or just ship your work to us and we’ll do the rest
Press release distributed to arts related media outlets
Presence and promotion in Starry Night social media channels and blog
Promotion in Starry Night Exposure Gallery
Chance to sell your work via the Starry Night Exposure Gallery on Amazon.com

Fill out the Application online. You will need a current CV or Artist Resume- PDF/DOC Artist Statement / Bio Work samples – Between 5 and 10 images of your work are required. If you are a filmmaker, you may bypass these images and submit a video, although stills are welcome.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

August 20th, 2014: Deadline for submission of application and work samples.

October 14th, 2014: All works must be received for exhibition.

October 16th to 19th: Exhibition

October 20th: Shipment or pick up of any remaining artwork

When you apply to the Exposure program, your work will be evaluated by World Wide Art and the Exposure team for inclusion in the exhibition. Submit up to ten digital images of work under 28” by 28” for consideration. Upon acceptance, specific pieces will be selected for exhibition based on current market trends and what will present best at the fair.

In October, all works must be brought or shipped to Los Angeles, where we will receive it, hang it, light it properly, and give you non-exclusive gallery representation (see below). All participating artists are encouraged to attend the exhibition in person, although travel costs are not included in your Exposure fees. For the duration of the fair and exhibition, dedicated Starry Night Staff will be on site to represent your work for you and distribute promotional materials of your work and of the exhibition as a whole.

All accepted Exposure Artists will have a printed portfolio made about you and your work that will be available to the public at the fair. Exposure Artists will also be included in all print and online promotional materials related to the Exposure program at the Fair. This means you will be featured as an Exposure LA artist, and of course in our online promotions, a link to your web site will be included, driving as much traffic to your work as possible. If you don’t have a web site you are proud of, email us to discuss design and development of your web site.

Typically, galleries do a split of the total sale price with the artist. In many cases, the gallery takes 50% to 60% of the total amount that a piece of art sells for. This leaves less than half of the total selling price for the artist, the creator of the work, to take home. Something about that doesn’t seem right to us. The Exposure program aims to make the opportunity for an artist to show and sell work at the Fair as cost effective as possible. In this spirit we take only 30% of the total amount of the sale, leaving the artist with 70%.

If you are planning on shipping your work for exhibition, we require that all work be received in Los Angeles no later than October 14th, 2014. The shipping address and detailed instructions for shipment will be provided. Shipping of any remaining artwork back to the artist is the artist’s responsibility.

The Exposure program is designed for emerging and established visual artists who are ready to bring their work to a broad, international audience. If you are a visual artist who is looking for gallery representation, would like to connect with a global community of dealers and collectors, or you are ready to broaden the size and scope of shows you are in beyond your city or region, then you should seriously consider applying for the Exposure program. If you are happy with the attention your work is currently getting, you are doing plenty of shows in the US and abroad, and you are making the living you want to make from selling your artwork, then the Exposure program may not be right for you.

There is no entry fee to apply to The Exposure Program, but upon acceptance, participation fees do apply. (See below.)

The following is a breakdown of just some of the costs related to showing at an art fair:

Booth Rental: $7000 (on the low end)

Lighting: $600 (whether purchased or rented)

Insurance: $200 (required by all fair venues)

Tables & chairs: $500 (whether purchased or rented)

Advertising: $300 (business cards, flyers, all that)

Portfolio & presentation: $100 (a mead notebook won’t cut it)

Car rental & gas: $600 (how are you going to get the furniture and lighting)

Airfare: $500 (on priceline)

Lodging & meals: $1200 (on priceline)

Dedicated staff: $??? (what do you think it is worth?)

Total cost of going it alone is more than $11,000. With no one there to help you.

The total price for exhibition, representation and promotion within the Exposure program is $2,995.

The Exposure program is the most cost efficient way of bringing your artwork to the fair, and includes curation of the show, lighting and hanging of the artwork, full time representation of the artist and their work for the entire 4 day show and VIP party, creation of a printed portfolio for each artist which includes images, artist statement, CV and artist bio, and inclusion in printed and online marketing materials related to the show.

We are also able to offer payment plans to those that may need to do so.

All fees are payable online by credit card. Monthly payment plans are also available.

Application and supporting materials must be received no later than August 20th, 2014.

Starry Night will be selecting a small group of talented, emerging artists to represent, promote and support at the World Wide Art Fair, October 16th through 19th, 2014.


Visit our FAQ page if you have any unanswered questions.

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