CUBED: 12 Day Outdoor Mural Installation

Pensacola Museum of Art

Entry Deadline: Sep. 25

407 S. Jefferson St.
Pensacola, FL 32502

​Submission Deadline: September 25, 2017 midnight (OPEN)

Exhibition Dates: Sun, November 5, 2017 – Sun, November 12, 2017
Location: Palafox Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza, Pensacola, FL
Fee: $30 non members / $15 members

The Pensacola Museum of Art at the University of West Florida, artists and independent curators Evan Levin and Ashton Howard, and the Pensacola Foo Foo Fest invite artist proposals for CUBED, a 12 day outdoor mural installation and live mural-making performance consisting of four 8ft x 8ft cubes located along Palafox Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza in downtown Pensacola. 16 artists will be selected. Each artist will create a mural for one 8ft x 8ft panel and will receive a $1200 stipend. Artists must be onsite and present during the production of their mural during the period of Nov 3, 2017- Nov 5, 2017.

CUBED is seeking proposals for large scale murals and street art that engages with public space through diverse media and formats that includes, but are not limited to, mural painting, graphic art, wheatpaste, graffiti work, site-specific projects, etc. As Pensacola is a dedicated “Early Learning City,” preference will be given to proposals that engage broadly and creatively with the Thirty Million Words® early learning initiative and interactive curriculum, and/or the cultural contexts that initiated the thirty million word research.

The projects are considered temporary site-specific works that may be moved and relocated by the Pensacola Museum of Art at the University of West Florida up to 1 year after the exhibition dates. The Pensacola Museum of Art, CUBED, and Foo Foo Fest reserve the right to reproduce images of the completed works and submitted proposals for marketing and archival purposes. By submitting a proposal, you agree to the above terms.

“The Thirty Million Words® Initiative is an innovative, multi-disciplinary parent-directed program designed to harness the power of parent language to build a child’s brain and impact his or her future. The information is presented in a culturally sensitive and cognitively fluent manner. A child’s early language exposure is increasingly acknowledged as pivotal in language development and, more importantly, in ultimate educational and intellectual achievement. Studies have demonstrated a large inequality in children’s early language environments, with children from families of lower socioeconomic status hearing approximately thirty million words.”


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Please include title, year, media and scale for each image. Also, please include a thumbnail and/or file number so we know which image the information refers to. +Artist statement (.pdf format)
No more than one page, please. +Curriculum vitae/resume (.pdf format) Please be sure to include contact information:
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+Related support material (.pdf format)
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