Creative Gateways Artist Residency

Creative Gateways

Entry Deadline: Oct. 1

45 Birch Blvd
Sedona, AZ 86336
PHONE 928-862-4440

Creative Gateways is now accepting applications for resident artists. This residency supports artists working across all disciplines through one year residencies, creating a space for artistic dialogue and cultural exchange.

Creative Gateways offers 24/7 access to unfurnished, private studio spaces (169-208 sq. ft.) in our diverse artist community in Sedona, Arizona. As a studio based residency, the focus is on the artistic process and the cross-collaboration that results from working alongside other artists.

Creative Gateways is an open studio concept which will allow artists to meet with studio visitors, gaining invaluable feedback and expanding their network of artists and professionals. Residents are provided with administrative, curatorial, and professional support to explore and expand the scope of their artistic practice. Our administrative staff is available to assist with advertising, public relations, and the display and pricing of artwork.

Public presentation opportunities include curated exhibitions in the Creative Gateways gallery, participation in Open Studios events, and gallery displays at monthly 1st Friday Art Walks. The Creative Gateways Gallery is open year round and only displays art work from artists in residence. Residents should expect to participate in 1-3 gallery events monthly.

Residents benefit from a community driven program and ongoing dialogue with fellow resident artists. The Creative Gateways facilities are designed to form a community, foster the expansion and exchange of artistic and cultural practices, and provide artists with exposure to Sedona and its art scene.

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis from artists working across all disciplines. To apply, please send a letter of interest along with a digital portfolio to [email protected]. For more information, please visit

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