Contemporary Visions of Greece’s Golden Age

The Brush Art Gallery and Studios

Entry Deadline: Mar. 17

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The Brush Art Gallery & Studios and Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society

Seek entries for “Contemporary Visions of Greece’s Golden Age”

The winner of Best in Show will receive a $1000 cash prize.

Art work accepted will be inspired by artistic ideals and achievements of the classical (500-323 BC) and Hellenistic (323-146 BC) periods in Greek history as an imaginative springboard for a contemporary twist on Greek sculpture, low and high relief, painting, pottery, frescoes, mosaics, and architecture. Consider the definition of beauty in human terms, with an emphasis on harmony, balance, order and moderation, vitality of life, clarity, and depictions of everyday life as well as mythology.

All entries must be submitted online in jpeg format (300 dpi, no more than 6 inches in either direction). Please provide files of the highest available resolution and quality. Follow this link for entry form:

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