Companionship / A Celebration of Animals

Mpls Photo Center

Entry Deadline: Jul. 2

2400 N 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone (612) 643.3511

Our pets can teach us how to relax or play. They seem to know when we have had a hard day or when we are sad.

They speak to us in their own language, and somehow we understand. They help guide us and are always happy to see us.

We feed them, and clean up after them, some would say they are like our children. Some CAN protect us and, and certainly we can protect them. They show us unconditional love.

They are truly our companions.

From the colorful koi in their ponds; to the watchful protective eyes of a service dog. From the squawk of the crow, to the roar of the lioness. Mankind has always enjoyed the pleasure of having these companions at their side. You may be a cat person, a dog person or even a reptile- lover. No matter our affinities, we are often better human beings having had these many-legged friends in our midst.

Who makes you smile when you come home from a long day? What makes you giggle like a child when you watch them play. Who gives you pause when you experience their innocent glory, complexity, and single-minded purpose.

Please share YOUR companion in a photograph.

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