COMEL Award – Contemporary Art

Spazio Comel - Arte Contemporanea

Entry Deadline: Jun. 30

398 Via Congiunte Sinistre
Latina, ITL 04100
TEL [+39] 0773 487546

The deadline for the COMEL Award ‘Vanna Migliorin – Contemporary Art’ has been extended to 30 June 2017.
‘Sinuosity of aluminum’ is the title of the Sixth edition of the prize. Participants have to submit works in aluminum (or where this metal is prevalent) of a non-industrial format (max 150x150x150 cm).

The theme of this edition is the Sinuosity of aluminum, to be declined freely following the artist’s inspiration (detailed information for registration on the website
Participation in the competition is free and open to all artists, 18 years of age and older, that operate in any of the European countries, and use aluminum as the main and significant medium for the realization of the work to be submitted.

The thirteen works will be exhibited from Saturday, 7th October 2017 to Saturday, 28th October 2017 at the art gallery Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea, via Neghelli 68, Latina, Italy.
Released or unreleased artworks using the following techniques may be submitted: painting, sculpture, design, photography and installation.

The selected artists will be announced via email and online by the end of July. Quality, research, originality and contemporaneity of the work will be the essential criteria of selection. The names of the juries of the 6th edition of the COMEL Award are Giorgio Agnisola, President of the Jury, art critic and writer (Professor at the Istituto
Teologico Salernitano – Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy); Alfredo La Malfa, curator and President of ‘La Verde La Malfa’ Foundation, in San Giovanni La Punta (Catania, Italy), and President of the ‘Casa della divina bellezza’ Foundation, Forza d’Agrò (Messina, Italy); Marco Nocca, art historian, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; Loredana Rea, Director of the ‘Umberto Mastroianni’ Foundation of Arpino and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, Italy; Maria Gabriella Mazzola, aluminum industry entrepreneur (CO.ME.L., Latina, Italy), technical committee of the prize.

The prize is 3500 euros, along with a solo exhibition at Spazio COMEL, in Latina and a catalog.

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