Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery looking for 5 Solo Exhibitions

Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery

Entry Deadline: Oct. 24

300 E. College Ave.
Hartsville, SC 29550


The Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery is reviewing 5 solo exhibitions in for the 2016/17 season. Upload 10-15 images, image list, and CV to Dropbox.com and share folder with [email protected] or [email protected] or send with same to Ashley Gillespie, Coker College Art Dept., 300 East College Ave., Hartsville, SC 29550 (SASE  if you want it retuned.). Gallery provides $300 towards shipping and $200 for a gallery talk. Deadline is Oct. 24, 2015. E-mail notifications will be sent out by mid Dec. Prospectus: www.ceceliacokerbellgallery.com, E-mail: [email protected] , or 843-383-8156/843-858-7187.

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