Call for Proposals: City-Wide Open Studios 2017


Entry Deadline: Mar. 15

50 Orange St
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone (203) 772-2709

Would you like to have a commissioned project in this year’s City-Wide Open Studios? We are now accepting proposals.

Our theme this year, Fract or Fiction? As we integrate “fact-checking” into the way we consume social media and the news, we face a dilemma: what do we do when we know we are being lied to?

The 20th annual City-Wide Open Studios takes this uneasy question as a point of inquiry into four weekends of art-looking. Artspace invites artists to submit a proposal for the production a new or ongoing work that explores the too tidy distinctions we make between “reality” and “illusion,” “fact” and “fiction,” and “history and myth.”

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