Call For Entries “Faces Of Humanity”

Gallery 25N

Entry Deadline: Jan. 16

1076 Main St
Fishkill, NY 12524
(834) 260-5665

Twenty artists will be selected for an online group exhibit, “Faces of Humanity” at Gallery25N; one to five works of art will be chosen from the selected artists. The exhibit and artists will be extensively marketed worldwide to over 20,000 people including art buyers, gallery owners, curators, collectors.

Theme and Selection: “Faces of Humanity” – For this group exhibition the curators will be selecting artwork that communicates the diversity of humanity by capturing the emotion, beauty, love, hope, and wisdom as seen in the faces of people from different cultures. Sensing a universal personage reflected in the facial expressions of people throughout the world offers us all an avenue leading to an understanding of, connection to, and perhaps even a convergence with other cultures. What may at first appear somewhat alien often will evolve into a realization and deep appreciation of the fact that we are all part of the family of man. Seeing our own humanity in the faces of other beings encourages understanding and acceptance of others’ values and priorities

Eligibility & Mediums: This competition is open to all artists/photographers 18 years of age or older. Submissions for consideration can be expressed in any of the following aspects: representational, expressionism, surrealism, or abstraction. Entries must be created in any still medium: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital art, prints, fiber art, collage, installations.

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