Call for Artists/Exhibition

Artspace at Staten Island Arts

Entry Deadline: Nov. 1

23 Navy Pier Court
Staten Island, NY 10304
PHONE 718-447-3329

ArtSpace @ Staten Island Arts is a meeting place and project space.

ArtSpace exhibits both international and local artists, including visual artists, poets, musicians, writers, and performers. The focus is on artistic projects that are place-based–examining local communities, helping people consider their environs in new ways, exploring how neighborhoods might be more livable and sustainable, and/or creating ways visitors can become more socially engaged.

As presenters, Staten Island Arts is interested in building a bridge between the viewing audience and artists. The goal is to turn viewers into participants — engaging them with art, and inspiring them to venture into the cultural hotspots found all over the island.

Want to Pitch a Show?
Staten Island Arts’ ArtSpace Gallery seeks proposals for four exhibits/projects annually (installed for 12 weeks) and 2-4 related public programming/workshops (45 minutes to full day) that investigate and explore issues relevant to Staten Islanders and New York City. Especially encouraged are place-based projects that work with ideas of cultures and communities in an integrated and accessible way and that help communities become more livable, sustainable, and/or socially engaged. Programs could focus on topics that nurture and heal communities; educate and inform us about ourselves, our history, and our world; build and improve community capacity or infrastructure; or inspire and mobilize individuals or groups.

ArtSpace is located in a ground-floor retail space within a new development in Stapleton (Urby) with direct bus and Staten Island Railroad train service. According to the most recent census information, the Stapleton neighborhood has approximately 26,596 residents, constituting about 5% of Staten Island’s overall population (471,522). The U.S. census data reflects that 30.4% are Latino or Hispanic, 40.8% are Chinese, and 19.3% of the population is Black or African American. Approximately 1/3 of the population of Stapleton identifies as being born outside of the United States, with just under 50% of the residents identifying themselves as “not a U.S. citizen.” Read more US Census information at the NYC Department of City Planning’s website. Also consider reading the Future Culture Initial Recommendations document to learn more about the North Shore cultural communities.

All media are considered, but please note that because of the public nature of the site, all programs must be appropriate for viewing by all ages. Projects are typically installed for a duration of 12 weeks. Workshops can take place Monday-Saturday and can range from 45 minutes to a full day. Submissions are reviewed based on quality, creativity, concept, applicability to our mission, as well as gallery availability.

Exhibit Proposal Components:
• Inquiry Form

• Guidelines / Work Sample Information

• Gallery Mockup Template

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed quarterly by the Staten Island Arts programming team. Incomplete proposals might not be reviewed. Quarterly deadlines are: November 1, February 1, May 1, August 1. Accepted proposals will be notified via email within 2-3 weeks of deadlines to set up a time to discuss their exhibition details. Questions/Concerns and all proposal materials should be sent to: [email protected]

Note: The submission process for this professional exhibition space is highly-competitive. Staten Island Arts hosts 4 exhibits a year at ArtSpace and helps to fundraise for each exhibit. Artists cannot pay to show their work; the exhibits must follow the guidelines, especially adhering to the place-based & interactive vision for the space.

**NOTE: Opening and closing dates to be determined. (this is an estimate)

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