BRAVE NEW WORLD – Exhibition Venice Biennale

Arte Ponte Cultural Institute

Entry Deadline: Mar. 12

Palazzo Corner Spinelli
Venice, ITL 30124

Selected artists will have the opportunity apply and exhibit their work during the 57th Venice Biennale, Italy.

The exhibition will be held in May – Aug. for 4 months in Palazzo Corner Spinelli, on the 3rd floor in Arte Ponte gallery space, located on the Grand Canal. All artists working in all mediums are welcome to apply.


BRAVE NEW WORLD: UTOPIA versus DYSTOPIA: Abundance. Freedom. Peace. Our model of a perfect society has been continually updated over the five centuries since Thomas More wrote Utopia, but those three elements are always central. In our contemporary world, UTOPIA has been recreated by science fiction; visionary business plans and political talks that promise to “change the world”. However, perhaps the most influential must be the use of art, our creative expression to highlight how a UTOPIA could –or should – look like.

So is utopia within our grasp? Carefully selected Artists will offer their views on how a perfect world may look like. And critique of what is/was lost; as well as a group of hopeful voices that shout out that all is NOT lost.

These exhibitions endeavors to provide a platform for a diverse pool of artists, who influenced by their own culture, personal history and environment have succeeded in creation that invites us to ponder, converse and hopefully act. The regions of the Asia Pacific, Middle East , Africa and the Caribbean come to us bearing gifts: gifts that make us look from a different perspective, and to show us how our world is still full of wonder.


Artists focused on their career via networking with art professionals (curators, museums and collectors), wishing to gain recognition and increased awareness of their work and seeking inspiration to further their art, should apply. Due to the high demand among artists and volume of applicants, ARTE PONTE has a strong curatorial vision for the exhibition as a criteria in the selection process.

Artists are invited to submit work with a strong curatorial link to the theme. Any media, technique or genre are welcome to apply. Only unique art created during the last three years will be accepted.

How to apply?
An application form and guidelines are available on our website.
Please read the guideline document carefully, before applying. You will find all your questions answered, regarding wall size availability, what the package includes and logistics.

For information read the guidelines first, then email [email protected].

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