Meridian Street Gallery

Entry Deadline: Aug. 20

320 North Meridian Street, Suite 822
Indianapolis, IN 46204

THEME Beauty- Submit to us your interpretation of what beauty is. Is it found in the simplest of objects? Is beauty contained inward, outward or both? Is it found in nature? Is it moss taking over a crumbling interior brick wall of an abandoned building? Is beauty a morning glory waiting to open up at dawn? Could it be seen in acts of kindness? Is beauty something artificial in our society? Please interpret the theme with your own “eyes.”
ELIGIBILITY- Entry is open to all visual artists, age 18 or older, residing in the United States.

SUBMISSION- A $25.00 nonrefundable fee is charged for submitting three original works of paintings, mixed media, fabric art(wall hung), photography, drawings, pastels, relief works(wall hung), encaustics, or printmaking, in any style.
For more information please see the prospectus on our website.

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