Art in the Park

The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Entry Deadline: Feb. 23

368 South State Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
PHONE 503-636-1060

Applications for the 2018 Art in the Park juried show are now available. Our summer exhibition is guided by the incredible beauty and rich history of the Pacific Northwest. We promote and showcase the work of regionally and nationally recognized makers in a broadly inclusive venue. This year we are exploring an exciting and rigorously contemporary approach to the Arts and Crafts Movement aesthetic.
Art in the Park, located in George Rogers Park, is an outdoor booth show open to artists of all persuasions who produce original, hand-made, fine art and craftsmanship, and we welcome in particular contemporary makers who embody the best of the Arts and Crafts movement aesthetic.

Artists may apply in these categories:
● New Media: New media art is usually defined as a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, 3D printing, and art as biotechnology. Artists and makers working under this category are highly encouraged to submit electronic editions of new media work to exhibit and sell to the public in a boutique-style booth display.
● Emerging Artist: We welcome those artists who show significant potential, but have yet to be significantly recognized in their professions. Typically, this applies to a young artist just out of school, but we also welcome people of all ages who are in the very beginning of their careers as artists.
● 3D Mixed Media: Work that combines multiple materials to form an object intended as a work of art. This category includes the use of found objects, use of recycled materials, and assemblage to create new forms.
● Ceramics: Original functional or non-functional works created by the artist from clay, porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware. We welcome ceramics artists whose work may challenge the assertion of a functional and non-functional relationship. Not permitted: machine-made or mass-produced work.
● Digital 2D Art: Original work for which the image, or the manipulation of other source material, was created by the artist using a computer. All work must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival-quality materials. Not permitted: Traditional photography. Even if taken through the digital process, it must be entered under Photography.
● Drawing: Original compositions hand-drawn by the artist using pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, wax, crayon, etc.
● Fiber-Decorative: Decorative works handcrafted by the artist from natural and synthetic fiber. Fiber includes basketry, embroidery, weaving, tapestry, papermaking, leather, straw, and fabric. Plastic fiber is also permitted under this category. Not permitted: mass or factory-produced work.
● Fiber-Wearable: Clothing and fashion designers are highly encouraged to apply. Wearables intended as objects of utility, beauty, and art. Not permitted: mass or factory-produced work.
● Glass: Original functional or decorative works that have been handcrafted by the artist by glass blowing, fusing, molding, casting, or kiln forming. Works may be etched or engraved and be of any size. Not permitted: any form of mass-produced work.
● Jewelry: All jewelry must be designed and handcrafted by the artist. This may include jewelry that is made primarily from metals, gems, stones, precious metal clay (PMC), flame-worked beads, clay, wood, fiber, etc. that is made by the artist. All jewelry displayed at the show must have been juried in the Jewelry category. A maximum of 15% of a piece may consist of commercial findings. Jewelers must label their PMC jewelry as such. Not permitted: commercial components (e.g., beads, glass, gems, pearls, metal, or other elements not made by the artist) that are strung or assembled and/or twisted on wire, with no substantial work done by the artist. Commercial casts, molds, mass production, or production studio work is not permitted.
● Functional Metalwork: Functional, non-sculptural work handcrafted from metals with the purpose of being used as a tool. This category includes tools of all persuasions such as knives, saws, shovels, and pitchforks. All sculptural metalwork should be submitted in the Sculpture category. Not permitted: production studio work.
● Painting: Original compositions that are created by the artist in oil, water-based media, and encaustic media. Painters whose work challenges those material assertions are also welcome to submit under this category.
● Photography: Original compositions created by photographic processes that begin with a camera lens. Prints must be made from the artist’s original negative or digital image and be processed by the artist or under his or her direct supervision. The photographic process (including digital alteration, hand-painting, or over-painting, etc.) must be displayed with the photograph. Prints must be signed, numbered, and dated in a limited edition. Prints must meet “archival quality” standards.
● Printmaking: Printed works for which the artist hand-manipulated the plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and which have been signed and numbered in a limited edition. Not permitted: photocopies, giclées, offset reproductions, and machine-produced images are not considered print originals. They are reproductions of the original print and must be labeled as such.
● Sculpture: Three-dimensional, stand-alone works incorporating materials that are carved, modeled, constructed, or cast. Media examples include metal, stone, ceramic, hand-built clay, blown glass, and wood. Sculpture that has a utilitarian purpose, like a fountain, are welcome to apply under this category. If recycled materials are used, they must be modified or used in a way that is different from their original function.
● Woodworking: Original functional or non-functional work that is hand-tooled, machine worked, turned, or carved primarily from wood by the artist. Painted and/or wood assemblages, which are primary pieces not created by the artist, should be entered in 3D Mixed Media.
● 2D Mixed Media: Work that combines more than one medium such as paint, collage, and ink to create original works of art with a one-sided orientation. In order for mixed media to accepted as such, the work should clearly be the product of different surface materials.

Artist applications available online November 1, 2017
Applications due February 23, 2018, by 11:59pm.
Jury results emailed to artists March 16, 2018
Early bird booth fee discount deadline March 30, 2018 by 5:00pm
Deadline for regular booth fee April 20, 2018 by 5:00pm
Cancellation date for 50% refund April 27, 2018 by 5:00pm (No refunds after this date.)
Booth assignment & info packet May 2018
Load in Thursday, June 21, 2018, 9:00am – 5:00pm (Setup times are staggered & assigned by booth location.)
Show hours for Art in the Park:
Friday & Saturday, June 22 & 23, 2018, 10:00am – 8:00pm*
Sunday, June 24, 2018, 10:00am – 5:00pm

* The Festival remains open until 9:00pm on Friday and Saturday. This allows Art in the Park artists to visit other Festival exhibits after closing at 8:00pm.

Jury Process
Applications will be reviewed by a jury comprised of selected individuals from varied backgrounds who embrace the philosophy and goals of the Festival of the Arts. Artists for Art in the Park will be selected based on originality, personal voice, technical skill, and booth presentation.

Jurors for 2018:
● Chelsea Crossett,
● Arolia McSwain
● John Whitten,

Key Facts
● Show Size: Maximum 124 artist booths.
● Booths: 10’x10’, all booths are corners and have ample storage space. A limited number of double booths (10’x20’) are available.
● Booth fees: Regular booth fees are $410.00 for 10’x10’ and $755.00 for 10’x20’. Early Bird rates: $385.00 for 10’x10’ and $730.00 for 10’x20’ apply if payment is received by March 30, 2018. Artists who are accepted in multiple categories need only pay one booth fee.
Commission/sales tax: No commission is taken on sales. There is no sales tax in Oregon.
● Security: Twenty-four hours from Thursday evening through Sunday evening.
● Promotion: The Festival is promoted nationally, regionally, and locally to the art-buying public through television, newspapers, radio, direct mail, press releases, magazines, websites, and social media.
● Awards: A prominent judge will recognize 3-5 artists with awards honoring their booth designs and work quality. Blue Ribbon and Honorable Mention winners are automatically accepted into the 2018 Art in the Park show. Blue Ribbon winners receive a cash award.
o 2018 Art in the Park Judge: Jason Miller,
● Amenities: Booth sitting, water, continental breakfast Friday and Saturday, Artists’ Reception breakfast on Sunday, artist rates with our hotel partners, drive to booth location for setup and tear down.
● Parking: Off-site parking is provided with frequent shuttle service to and from the park.
● Pets: Pets are not allowed. Service dogs only are allowed.

Application Process
The Festival of the Arts uses the EntryThingy online application. We do not accept slides, photographs, links to websites, or paper applications.
● Artists must register with an accurate email that will be working throughout the application process until show date. This email address will be used to notify you of your status. Notification of accepted/waitlist/declined status will be emailed to the email address you entered to register for EntryThingy. Please check your application email inbox for all correspondence. NOTE: Festival notifications will come from “[email protected]”. Place this address in your address book to be sure you receive notifications.
● Artists may enter in multiple categories by submitting a separate entry for each category and paying the application fee for each entry.
● Up to two artists may collaborate on single artworks in one category and enter using one entry form. Both artist names are required on the application.
● No brokers, galleries, or artist representatives are eligible to apply.

Special Instructions
Provide a completed application submitted through EntryThingy on the Lakewood Center for the Arts website. Your application must include:
● Description of Work: Briefly describe the materials, process, and inspiration used in the design and execution of your artwork.
● Images: Five (5) digital images: four (4) of your artwork and one (1) of your overall booth. See image formatting requirements on EntryThingy.
● NOTE: The booth shot is very important. Please, NO photos of you, your name, your customers, your website, the name of your business or town. See Larry Berman’s advice about photographing your booth.

For do-it-yourself image formatting, go to Larry Berman’s Jury Images. When formatting your images, select 1920×1920 ZAPPtm on the order form under Action. ZAPPtm–formatted images are accepted by EntryThingy. There is no charge for this service. However, donations are gladly accepted to keep this “free” service available.

Payment for Application
To ensure that the jury sees your entry, your non-refundable entry fee of $35.00 must be received by the Festival office no later than 5pm on February 23, 2018.

You may pay via PayPal or check. If you pay by check, mail your $35.00 check payable to Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Write your Entry Number and Art in the Park on your check. Mail your check to:
Art in the Park
Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
PO Box 385
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Rules of Participation
The Festival reserves the right to remove any artist from present or future Festivals for non-compliance with these rules:
● Artwork must be original, handcrafted work that is similar in style, quality, and process to the work submitted to the jury.
● Artists may show artwork only in categories in which they were accepted. If you plan, for instance, to show jewelry with your fiber, you must submit an application for both fiber and jewelry.
● An artist may share a booth with another artist only if both artists have collaborated on every piece of work. Both artist names must be included on the application. Collaborating artists may submit one application and, if accepted, pay for one booth.
● Artists must display a process statement in their booth including a photo of the artist(s), plus images and a description that illustrate the process and materials used to create the work. This statement supports the Festival mission to educate the public about art and has been shown to increase sales. Please, focus on the process for developing your work.
● All artwork must be for sale. Prices may not be changed after the show has opened.
● Reproductions of artist’s original work must be clearly marked as such. (See Reproduction Policy below.) Artist greeting cards may be displayed in one small tabletop rounder or in a single basket or box on a table.
● Artists must be present in their booth during show hours. They must keep their booth intact during the entire show. Volunteers are available to provide short breaks during the show.
● Artists must provide their own booth tent and display equipment that are of sound construction and capable of withstanding inclement weather and wind gusts. The Festival recommends standard white pop-up tents with sidewalls. Artists may use stakes or weights to ensure their canopies are secure. Tent rentals are available by arranging with the Curator by April 30, 2018.

Reproduction Policy
● The Festival is showcasing 3D printing this year, and as such, we are welcoming artists working in 3D printing to exhibit and sell in Art in the Park. Artists working with 3D modeling software with the intention of creating 3D printed works of art may offer both the code and the objects for sale in limited editions with the understanding that the code and the object created by it are original works of art, and is not intended for mass production and distribution. Work under New Media is also understood to be an original work of art even though its production may involve mechanical duplication.
● Limited edition reproductions for original 2D work are allowed. A reproduction is any work that is duplicated by machine rather than by the hand of the artist. This includes photocopies, giclées, offset reproductions, and machine-produced images. The Reproduction Policy applies to all original 2D media including drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. Reproductions must be consistent with the style and quality of the juried work. Show us your real work!
● Reproductions must be labeled “reproduction” on the front of each piece along with the type of reproduction it is. The word “print” is reserved for hand-pulled prints. Reproductions must be signed and in limited editions of no more than 450. “Altered reproductions” may not be sold as originals.
● For original 2D work, no more than 30% of the work shown may be reproductions. A maximum of two browse bins is suggested.
● Any artwork that is not properly labeled or does not meet these requirements will need to be removed from the show.

Christopher St. John, Curator, Art in the Park
Phone: 503.636.1060
Email: [email protected]
Street address: Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Mailing address: Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, PO Box 385, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

About the Festival of the Arts: The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts is an arts education event of the Lakewood Center for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization. It is held the weekend after Father’s Day each year and attracts 22-25,000 people.
Mission Statement: The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts’ primary goal is to educate by promoting, supporting, coordinating, and exhibiting the arts of the region.
Location/Support: The Festival takes place at the Lakewood Center for the Arts and George Rogers Park, both on State Street in downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon USA. It is sustained by valuable partnerships with the City of Lake Oswego, Clackamas County Tourism and Development Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Oswego Rotary Club, the School District, small and large businesses, the “Friends of the Festival,” plus more than 500 volunteers who work throughout the year and the weekend to make the Festival the success it is.

For additional information, check out or call 503-636-1060.

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