Art Basel Week-Manifest Mosaic Installation

Marcano Maldonado Art Project

Entry Deadline: Aug. 1

3011 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

The Manifest Project
Organized by Marcano Maldonado Art Project
[email protected]

Manifest brings awareness to those artists wanting to gain international exposure through a contemporary curatorial program. We urge artists to submit their application as soon as possible to make sure our curators have time to review and select each artist. Once we have reached our capacity, the application process will be closed.

When: Art Basel Week December 2-6,2015
Where: Spectrum Art Fair
Application Fee: $50.00
Deadline: August 1, 2015

The preference for certain colors over others are usually driven by three factors: architecture, nature and the people who enrich the culture,Manifest Project is an international installation that reflects the many different manifestations of color and the influences behind them. Combining the works of selected contemporary artists we create a dialogue that leaves us to consider “what drives the way colors and our lifestyles come together?”

The context within which color unfurls its rainbow of symbolism and emotion is part of the value this collective has as a whole. Since color is a fundamental element in the human experience, part of the project asks the artists to submit an essay on the influence of the piece. Using but one color to create their work; each monochromatic painting will come together to arrange an installation of pixels standing perhaps for a, time, moment or place. A Collective about color ends up being a collective about human experience itself.


1. SIZE OF WORKS: Size of each work will be 12×12 inches or 12×24 inches on stretched canvas depending on artists selection (approx. 30×30 centimeters or 30×60 centimeters) exactly. The canvas must measure 1.25 inches deep. Do not send works framed.

2. THEME: The theme is about pure color. Each artist will select any color they like to create a monochromatic color field painting. No figurative or pictorial paintings. We are looking for representational works of experiences through color, form and gesture.

3. ESSAY: The Manifest Mosaic is influenced by the artists’ interpretation of color and the significance it has in their lives. In 500-1000 words the artist is required to enlighten the public on their chosen color and the meaning behind their artwork.

4. SHIPPING: All works must arrive on the stretcher to the address mentioned hereunder.

Marcano Maldonado Art Project

5. TECHNIQUE/MEDIA: The technique is limited to painting. Oil, acrylic and watercolor accepted.

6. TRAVELING SHOW: The Manifest installation will start its exhibition tour at Spectrum Art Fair during Art Basel week Miami 2015. Then it will be on display at Carlos Albizu Univeristy Fine Arts Atrium until the end of Spring 2016, with a closing exhibition in a Miami Gallery TBA. There will be three shows at the price of one.

7. CATALOG. A catalog will be printed with the illustration and all names and countries represented by participants. The copy of the catalog will be available to each artists online.

8. WORLD WIDE PRESENTATION: We will publish coverage and information on select magazines and art blogs which will be sent to all participants and social media. The Presentation will also be sent to museums, galleries and institutions.

9. SALES: It will not be possible to sell individual pieces. If we receive a reasonable offer for the full artwork we will split the total amount among the participants with no commission for the Marcano Maldonado Art Project.

10. FEES: The fee per work is $585.00 dollars for 12×12 inch canvas or $975.00 for 12×24 inch canvas. Payments must be made to the order of Marcano Maldonado Art Project with check, credit card or bank transfers in dollars. Transfers in dollars from outside USA and Puerto Rico require $25 dollars extra to cover the bank debit. Personal transfers by Western Union or Moneygram will be only accepted from countries with currency restrictions. This fee includes three shows, catalog, magazine coverage and individual artist web presence. Artists can participate with more than one work.

11. RETURN OF WORKS: Works will it be returned since they are part of an installation. Works will remain part of Marcano Maldonado art project for future exhibitions in other countries.

12. DEADLINE: August 1, 2015 is the deadline for artist to be considered for this project.
Please submit the following through and send to [email protected]

-Contact information


-Artist statement



-5 High resolution images of your most recent works


-Expand your audience and deepen relationships with established followers and collectors by demonstrating your methods and sharing your work on an international platform

-Project recognition Spectrum Art Catalog

-Artwork and contact information published in Marcano Maldonado Artist Registry

-Artists participation published in Marcano Maldonado Art Catalog distributed during the fair

-Project recognition in 4 magazines (Luxe, Art District, Latin American Art Magazine and ArtBlend)

– A chance to be feature in a 2 full page spread in Art District and Latin American Art Magazine

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