apexart Open Call for Group Exhibitions 2018-19


Entry Deadline: Oct. 31

291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
PHONE 212-431-5270


apexart will accept exhibition proposals from October 1 – 31, 2017. Three top rated proposals will become exhibitions presented at apexart in New York City as part of its 2018-2019 program season. Curators, artists, writers, and creative individuals, regardless of experience level, art world involvement, and location, are invited to submit ideas online. There are no fees associated.

• The Submission Process: Proposals should describe focused, idea-driven, and original group exhibitions. They cannot exceed 500 words and must be written in English.* No biographical information, CVs, links, or images accepted – just describe the exhibition you want to create using 500 words or less as effectively as possible. Projects are judged by the strength of the exhibition idea and the organizer’s ability to communicate it.

• The Selection Process: apexart exhibitions attempt to expand the selection process by making it as democratic and meritocratic as possible. A diverse and changing jury of 200 people from around the world participate in a crowdsourced voting process. Each juror receives a dedicated login to read and register votes online for 50 or more proposals. Proposals are anonymous, reordered, and all receive equal consideration by the jury.

• The Results: The organizers of the three top rated proposals are notified that their exhibitions will be part of apexart’s upcoming season. The organizers/curators are allotted a $10,000 budget to produce an apexart exhibition and accompanying public programming. The organizer/curator receives a $2,000 honorarium for coordinating the exhibition and public programs, and writing the exhibition brochure essay at the conclusion of the exhibition. The guest organizers/curators work closely with the apexart team to turn their ideas into apexart exhibitions and retain the original concept.

To submit an exhibition proposal to the open call, visit apexart.org/opencalls.php.

*Juror guidelines state that consideration must be made for submissions by non-native English speakers regarding issues of spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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