Annual Call for Entries


Entry Deadline: Sep. 15

160 Tracey Street, Unit 4
Athens, GA 30601

Open Call for Submissions
Now seeking PROPOSALS for GROUP, SOLO and THEMATIC exhibitions
For ATHICA’s 2016/17 Exhibition Season

Artists, curators and other creative makers are invited to submit complete proposals for consideration for ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art’s upcoming exhibition season. Complete proposals should include:
• a detailed description of the exhibition,
• 5-10 work samples
• and a current CV.

Anyone can submit a proposal, regardless of level of experience, education or geographic location. Artists should bear in mind the need for a consistent and very strong body of work when submitting, and curators should keep in mind the progressive and contemporary programming characteristic of ATHICA. Artists’ submissions may be retained for several annual cycles until an appropriate project arises. ATHICA is open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media, including site-specific projects or performance-based pieces. Our programming is dedicated to exhibit and showcase excellent quality in all types of art.

Please note: ATHICA is able to accommodate large-scale sculptures and/or installations (Please see Our Space for images and a downloadable floorplan). Projects that depend on darkness or enclosed spaces are not advisable, unless the artist can supply labor and materials to create internal spaces in an open and naturally lit gallery.

Because of limited staff, we apologize that we are not able to respond to every entry, but will contact you if we are interested and want to pursue your proposal further.
We prefer that you submit questions via email to [email protected] and not by phone.

The processing fee to submit a proposal is $20, which is non-refundable. (Note: Athica members are entitled to a half-price discount.)

Submission deadline: Sept. 15, 2015

Please email all submission information and documents to [email protected]
Please email all questions to [email protected]

ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art is an independent, non-profit gallery promoting and supporting innovative contemporary art and artists through exhibitions, education, and events.

ATHICA, 160 Tracy Street, Unit 4, Athens, GA 30601 USA

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