American Vices

Non-Fiction Gallery

Entry Deadline: Feb. 7

1522 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401!/vices/

Awards: $150 to First Place Winner; $50 to one Honorable Mention
Application Fee: $15 for Art Rise Members for four images; $25 for non-members for four images
All media are eligible.
4 images per application.


We’re sure you’re a lovely person of many virtues – a person who donates to charity, supports local farming initiatives, works to diminish pollution, and tips generously. But to paraphrase Bertrand Russell: no one is interested in other people’s secret virtues. Whether it’s greed, narcissism, perversion, selfishness, wastefulness, vanity or other bits of wickedness, America is infamous for its vices. American Vices invites you to crawl down into the belly of American immorality and show us what you find.
To submit to American Vices, please pay your application fee at!/vices/ and send four images to [email protected] by midnight on February 7th.

Please label each image in the following manner:

Artist Name _Title _Medium _Dimensions _Year

The subject line for the email should be American Vices.

In your submission email please also include a current artist statement, your phone number, address, and artist website.

Your submission will not be reviewed and considered for American Vices until payment is received, and ALL of your information is accounted for.

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