Abstract 2 Call To Arist

Gallery 25N

Entry Deadline: Nov. 14

1076 Main St.
Fishkill, NY 12524
(845) 765-2932


“Abstract 3” – For this group exhibition the curators will be looking for art of any subject created in abstraction. They will select twenty artists for this exhibit and one to five works of art will be chosen from each of the selected artists. The artwork must be based on pure or ambiguous abstraction, where the subject or message of the art is pushed to visual limits of abstraction so that there is little or no representation of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). The submitted artwork can be of any subject that is communicated in the power of abstraction. The composition elements and aesthetic principles of the work must rely on form, color, action, lines, marks, texture, etc. to create an abstract work of art to engage the viewer and draw them into the intention of the artwork.

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