A Curious Reality Exploring the mythos of Fantasy, Sci-fi, & gaming

Union Street Gallery

Entry Deadline: Jan. 16

1527 Otto Blvd
Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Union Street Gallery is looking for art from all over the nation that explores our current milieu of fantasy. USG is interested in orchestrating an exhibit that infiltrates the realm of fantasy, imagination, video games, sci-fi, & neo surrealism.

In a period of time where pop culture simultaneously feeds us both mythological creatures and the apocalypse, USG is looking for art that marries fantasy as dreams with the idea of the impossible. Additionally, art that engages in expression with-in the context of video games, science fiction, mythology, futurism and dreams will also merit strong consideration.

We are committed in curating a dynamic exhibition that will foster work in the form of paintings, sculptures, prints, photography, video art, mixed-media and performance art. Special attention will be given to art work that best fits the description mentioned above.

Aaron Miller, Chicago based illustrator in the science fiction & fantasy genre. He works with companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, ImagineFX Magazine.

Mike Rea, Chicago based educator and sculptor. He makes what he references as bombastic wooden sculptures; “Replicated and reinvented moments of cinematic horror, science fiction, comedy and drama intermingle with memory to form bizarre personal narratives”. Mike is currently an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illiinois.

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