39th International Exhibition 2016: Watercolor Art Society-Houston

Watercolor Art Society - Houston

Entry Deadline: Mar. 11

1601 W. Alabama at Mandell
Houston, TX 77006


Images – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3

Entry Fee (Entry fee for first piece): $35.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum): $15.00

Founded in 1975, the Watercolor Art Society – Houston (WAS-H) has brought the excitement of water-media to the greater Houston area with exceptional exhibitions, dedicated community outreach, and teaching programs and demonstrations provided by world class instructors. With over 600 members, WAS-H has provided year-round opportunities to every level of painter – from novice to the seasoned expert. Artists and art lovers can also enjoy year-round exhibitions in the WAS-H gallery, situated in the heart of Houston’s vibrant Museum District.

The 39th Annual International Exhibition, to be held in March of 2016, will continue the tradition WAS-H has established of attracting high quality works from all over the globe for exhibition to an enthusiastic audience of patrons from the greater Houston area.  Combined with generous awards and the participation of a highly sought after Juror and Instructor, the 2016 International Exhibition is sure to be a successful and enjoyable event for all artists and art enthusiasts.

2016 International Exhibition overview:
Juror:  Anne Abgott, AWS, NWS
Entry Submission Dates:  Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 through Friday, Jan. 15, 2016
Entry Fees:  one entry $35, two entries $50, three entries $60 (use $5 coupon at checkout)
First Prize:  $2,000
Exhibition Dates:  Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Thursday, March 31, 2016

Submission of entry(ies) constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions stated in this prospectus. The Prospectus in pdf form is available for downloading/printing from the WAS-H website at: www.watercolorhouston.org

Exhibition Awards
In addition to the prestige of participating in this wonderful Exhibition, significant awards presented by the Watercolor Art Society of Houston will total in excess of $6,000.  No artist may receive more than one award.
.  First-place:  $2,000
.  Second-place:  $1,200
.  Third-place:  $900

The following Memorial Awards are presented to artists of exceptional talent and creativity.
.  Board of Directors’ Award:  To be announced
.  Jack Bowen Award:  $500
.  Lloyd Alberts Award (one each year 2015-2019):  $500

In addition, Merit Awards and Honorable Mention Certificates will be awarded.  Merit Award winners receive monetary awards of $175 each.

Thursday, March 3, 2016                            Accepted entries must be received at the
​WAS-H gallery by 3 pm*
Saturday, March 5, 2016                            Judging of entries
March 5-March 10, 2016                             Notification of awards
Tuesday, March 8, 2016                             Opening of Exhibition to the public
Friday, March 11, 2016                               Reception and Awards Presentation
Thursday, March 31, 2016                          Last day to view Exhibition
Friday, April 1, 2016                                    Exhibition is closed and paintings are
prepared for return to artists; no artwork can
be picked up or shipped prior to 10 am,
Friday, April 1, 2016

* Unless otherwise noted, all times shown are Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

Artwork Eligibility
The 2016 International Exhibition is open to all artists.  Work must be:
.  Original (not derived from another’s intellectual property or copyrighted references).
.  Painted within TWO YEARS OF ENTRY DATE.
.  Not previously displayed in a WAS-H Annual Members Exhibit or WAS-H
​International Exhibition.
.  NOT completed in a workshop or under supervision.
.  Each piece of artwork entered must have a Title:  “Un-named”  or “Un-titled” is not
.  All work must be for sale, not for sale (NFS) pricing will not be accepted.
.  MINIMUM IMAGE SIZE:  10” width or height. When uploading images to your
portfolio and submitting them to the call, use the image size dimensions, not
​the frame dimensions.
.  MAXIMUM FRAME SIZE:  48” in width or height.
.  Artists must consider the content of the works submitted.  WAS-H reserved the right
to refuse any entries that are deemed inappropriate for a family venue.

Qualifying Media
All submitted artwork must be at least 80% watermedia on paper, clayboard, or yupo.

Entry Submission Fees
Entry fees must be paid via credit card.
.  The non-refundable entry fee is $35 for one entry, $50 for two, and $60 for three
(with coupon)
.  All artists entering the exhibition will receive a complimentary copy of the exhibition’s
catalog, a $20 value.

Entry Submission Process Using CallforEntry.org (CaFÉ)
.  Watercolor Art Society-Houston uses Call for Entry.org (CAFÉ) to manage this
exhibition.  Artists should set up a profile on CAFÉ or log into an existing profile if
they have one,  upload their artwork as digital files and enter the call.
.  The CaFÉ website offers instruction on resizing digital images.  Please give yourself
​plenty of time to get good clear photos of your work and make adjustments in file ​
.   WAS-H has posted links to CaFÉ help documents on its website if more details and
instruction are needed. Artists may also email WAS-H with questions at
[email protected] 

Confirming Entries
Once an entry is received you will receive a confirmation email that your entry has been successfully processed.  If you don’t receive an email after submission, check the CaFÉ website to make sure your submission is complete and has been received.
After your entry has been submitted and confirmed, the artwork registration information cannot be revised or changed.  This included the Price, Title of the Entry and Entry size.

Accepted Artwork
.  Artists will receive an email notification from CaFÉ between January 30 and February
​9, 2016 advising whether entries are “Accepted” or “Not Accepted” to the Exhibition.
​Accepted artwork must be received at the WAS-H gallery before 3pm CST on March
​3, 2016.
.  Artist’s work accepted by the Juror will be displayed in the WAS-H Gallery for the   ​
2016 International Exhibition.
.  Only one painting will be accepted from an individual artist.
.  No substitutions of artwork can be made after acceptance.
.  Once submitted/accepted, no changes can be made to price, title or dimensions.
.  WAS-H reserves the right to reject any painting that, upon arrival at the Gallery, the
​juror deems is significantly altered or different than the digital photo used for gaining
​entry to the Exhibition.  Aritsts may want to use professional photographers for
​images of work.
.  WAS-H reserves the right to return paintings deemed unacceptable or in breach of
​the rules in presentation of framing and/or mats.

Handling Fees for Accepted Artwork
Once you have received notice that your work has been accepted to the show, you must finalize your entry by paying your Handling Fee. You can pay it on the CaFE website, which will immediately complete your entry, or you may submit a local check with your painting if you hand carry it into the Gallery. The Handling fee is due by March 3, 2016 and is calculated as follows:

Shipped Artwork:
.  A $50 handling fee is required for framed/matted paintings shipped directly to the
​gallery and/or returned to the artist using commercial ground carriers.
a.  The $50 handling fee must be paid via the CAFÉ website with credit card.
b.  ALL PAINTINGS using ground delivery to WAS-H MUST include a
​PREPAID return shipping label and include a shipping container.  No
​personal or cashier checks will be accepted.  Negotiate return shipping cost
​with your local carrier.
.  A $25 handling fee is required for unframed artwork shipped to Jay’s Framing in
​Houston, TX  (See Framing Assistance Section below for details).
a.  The $25 handling fee must be paid via the CAFÉ website with credit card.

Hand Delivered/Carried Artwork:
.  A $25 handling fee can accompany the painting if the framed/matted entry is hand
​delivered to WAS-H and the artist will return to pick up the work beginning April
​1st, 2016 during normal gallery hours.  For convenience, the $25 Handling Fee
can ​be paid with credit card on the CAFÉ website or by local check at the time of

Do not pay both Handling Fees.  Determine which fee applies to your submission method and pay the appropriate amount.  Your submission is not finalized until the Handling Fee is received.

Delivering Artwork
All entries must be delivered to WAS-H by the close of Gallery business, 3:00 PM CST Thursday, March 3, 2016.  The physical address for WAS-H is 1601 West Alabama, Houston, Texas 77006.

The Gallery is open to receive artwork between 10 AM and 3 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. Deliveries must be made at these times; no deliveries can be made after hours or on Sunday and Monday.

Declining to Submit Artwork
Not sending accepted paintings to the Exhibition will subject the artist to a two year penalty during which time the artist will not be allowed to participate in the WAS-H Exhibition program.

Packaging for Shipment
WAS-H recommends that each artist confer with their preferred commercial carrier on shipping precautions.  Most commercial carriers have prepared boxes suitable for commercial delivery of artwork.  PLEASE REMEMBER:
.  Do NOT use foam peanuts or any excelsior for packing that is prone to flight.
.  WAS-H will not accept wooden crates  or any package with screws/nails.
.  Lightweight corrugated boxes should be securely taped.
.  WAS-H will take reasonable caution in opening and returning the artwork in the
​packaging in which it was delivered.
.  For your safety, WAS-H recommends that a receipt signature be required to prevent
​artwork remaining unattended or delivered in inclement weather.

Another Reason to Join WAS-H
To assist artists in shipping framed art, WAS-H has established a preferred relationship with Airfloat Systems, Inc.  WAS-H members are eligible for a 20% discount on the purchase of a Strongbox by Airfloat.  The StrongBox safely encases framed pieces in three layers of quality protection—two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam.  By simply removing perforated squares to form an opening that precisely encases an art work, these multiple layers work together to provide superior shock absorption, guarding your art from bumps and scrapes during shipping.  The StrongBox is available in 21 sizes that can protect framed work ranging in size from 14x19x2 to 59x59x4.

If you decide to take advantage of this discount offer by joining WAS-H,  you’ll be provided with a discount code needed to receive your 20% discount when contacting Airfloat Systems once you’ve submitted your membership dues. You can join or renew your membership atwww.watercolorhouston.org.

Current WAS-H members can receive the discount code by emailing [email protected] and requesting the Airfloat discount code. You may reach Airfloat by calling Toll Free 800-445-2580 or Fax 800-562-4323; the website address is

​WHITE.  No color, shades or white or tones will be accepted as mats or liners.
.  Artwork must be framed under Plexiglas (NO GLASS).  Plexiglas is not required for
​clayboard, but it must be finished with a protective coating.
.  Clayboards without wooden cradle panels must be framed.
.  Frames must be simple wood (no designs, beading or carvings) or metal frames and
​not to exceed 2” in width.
.  All entries must be wired and ready for hanging.
.  MINIMUM IMAGE SIZE:  10” width or height. When uploading images to your
portfolio and submitting them to the call, use the image size dimensions, not
​the frame dimensions.
.  MAXIMUM FRAME SIZE:  48” in width or height.

** Framing Assistance:  Art mailed “in a tube”
For framing assistance for out of town and international artists, please contact Jay’s Frames:
Email:  [email protected]
phone:  832-470-3729
website:  www.jaysframes.com
Mailing address:  1426 Yale St, Houston, TX 77008

Artists who contract with Jay’s Frames can ship work directly to the frame shop in a tube.  The frame shop will frame and mat accepted works, using WAS-H guidelines, and will deliver the framed work to the Gallery by the deadline if work is received at the frame shop by February 17, 2016. Jay’s will return the artwork to the artist in its original packaging, without the frame or mat, unless the artist makes arranements with Jay’s for prepaid return shipment in the frame.  Please see the section labeled ‘FRAMING” above, for information about framing guidelines.  Please contact us if you have questions about returning shipped work with or without the frame.

Gallery Exhibition
Paintings will be exhibited to the public at the WAS-H Gallery beginning March 8, 2016 and extending through March 31, 2016.

WAS-H acts in the artists’ best interests to promote the sale of exhibition artwork.  Copies of artist’s statements and bios will be made available in the gallery for review by our visitors as well as WAS-H members and teachers who frequent the gallery.  If you are accepted, WAS-H will request your bio and/or artist statement to be submitted prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Reception Invitation
All artists entering the exhibition are cordially invited to attend the reception honoring the 39th International Exhibition Award Winners and the Juror.  The reception will be held at the WAS-H Gallery on Friday, March 11th, 2016 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  You and your guests are welcome to participate in the reception and awards ceremony.

Artist Links​
WAS-H website, International Exhibition page: www.watercolorhouston.org
WAS-H email assistance for the questions on entry submissions: [email protected]

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