School of Visual Arts

Entry Deadline: Oct. 1

209 E. 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010


Open to High School students throughout the United States, we invite work that explores the theme of America in 2017. All genres and sensibilities are encouraged to participate, from work that is overtly political and issue-oriented, to that which lends a very personal interpretation to life in the United States at this precarious moment.

We are eager to give voice to the newest members of the visual community, whose future the decisions made in this tumultuous time will impact the most. Let us know who you are: what you are seeing and thinking, how you would define this vast country in the present, and what you feel about it.

Each entry is limited to five images, and at least one of each will be chosen to exhibit. The work will be printed by the BFA Photography and Video Department, and the dimensions of the work will be chosen (up to 24”x32”) by the exhibition team.

SVA BFA Photography & Video

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