Oksana Tannsiv


Artist Biography

Oksana Tanasiv was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. Her passion for art began as a young child of four when she received the simple gift of a paint brush from her father. In the early 90’s she formally developed her talent by attending art classes at the Chortkiv Pedagogical School near her home town.

Although she dedicated her formative years to earning degrees in Psychology and Business at Ukrainian institutions, she remained faithful to an art career and painted when possible. Later moving to the United States in 2004, Oksana overcame the challenge of living in a new country and language barrier by once again returning to school. Shortly she mastered English and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of General Studies.

Despite a schedule committed to work and school, she never lost her artistic passion. Over time, she developed collections of art which included architectural scenes and landscapes as well as a series Woman World. To create ornate quality to her paintings of jewelry and dresses she uses the technique of placing individual Swarovski® crystals on canvas. These works can contain up to 1,000 diamond like crystals that shimmer with a jeweled effect. Her most recent series, Dollar Art, depicts money as a political and social image that was clearly influenced by memories of a depressed Ukrainian economy struggling for economical equity.

Today, Oksana Tanasiv is a well recognized realist artist with paintings in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ukraine. In 2009, Oksana Tanasiv was also a finalist of The International Art Competition sponsored by Direct Art magazine (New York). In October of 2010 her art was a part of the International Art Exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico and she was a featured artist in the “Santa Fe’s Best” magazine. Oksana Tanasiv also worked as a TV anchor in 2010 on NewsButterfly on MNN channel. Her notoriety has continued in 2011, including feature artist of Dstripped Magazine, NYC in February 2011.

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website: http://oksanatanasiv.com


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