Ahmad Aghasiani


Artist Biography

Born in Tehran the capital of Iran, photographer Ahmad Aghasiani records the routine of his people and community through the lens of a digital camera. His city is a symbol of historic mosques, churches and synagogues that outline the contemporary Tehran skyline. Capturing images of it’s national diversities, Ahmad presents quiet moments of the people in his city with simplicity and commitment to content.

Ahmad’s early photographs demonstrated careful composition with sensitivity to tonal balance and value. He has learned to take images through trial and personal experiment, testing until finally a moment of silent introspection defines the truth of his image. After years of observations and study, Ahmad concedes that “his best images were taken of his home land, the people and architecture.”

The Art Guide is pleased to present the work of this very accomplished photographic artist who generously shares with our viewers his distant land.

email: [email protected]
website: www.aghasiani.aminus3.com


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