Dana Lynn Harper to Bloom, Bloom

March 23, 2020 / artguide

Dana Lynn Harper is a young artist based out of Columbus, Ohio. Despite her young age, she has years of national exhibition experience and educational. Dana enjoys bold, bright installation works that she feels “…explore moments of the self-transcendence, when time slows and the surrounding world is forgotten. A place where the spirit rises and pre-conceived realities are dismantled.” Dana often turns to nature to find inspiration from vast landscapes to infinitesimal plankton or a grain of pollen. Her gallery simulation of those experiences result in works that respond to a skewed demonstration of size and perspective, that she feels ‘oscillate to the rhythm of commonly understood objects.’ Her recent series of art installations exaggerate feelings and childhood fantasy with handmade objects and vibrant colors that can just barely be contained within the simple gallery walls.

Working with forms and colors of cartoons, coral reefs and the microscopic, every new production has organic groupings paired with unnatural color and implacable materials. Harper notes that “Odd pairings and a multi-sensory experience send the viewer into a state of displacement. By transporting used visual ques, the mind is released from the physical…” and she hopes “guided to an invigorated sense of self. Playful patterns, dancing tinsel and unapologetic fluorescent colors that are not only a testament to the beauty of life, but to its ever-encompassing joy.”

“Bloom Bloom is a new interactive installation made with construction flagging tape and chicken wire. The alternating and undulating planes of material are suspended from overhead. Bloom Bloom is made of weather resistant materials, allowing it to alternate from indoor to outdoor venues…I re-purpose, multiply and re-position material found in my world to create a new and fantastic portal for my own and the viewer’s self-transcendence and actualization.”



It takes an unspoken courage from deep within the soul to even think of a work to this scale and then act on it, I'm very impressed with Dana. Would like to see more of her works.

Mar 26, 2020


One of my FAVORITE Art Guide Feature Artists. Hope to try her bold technique, in my own style of work that could use a boost of bright inspiration.

Mar 25, 2020


Beautiful images. Would love for this exquisite show in many new places around the US!

Mar 23, 2020

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