Women in Art

February 24, 2017 / Mary Kachur


This March, Las Laguna Gallery is pleased to present their 5th annual exhibition titled: Women in Art

Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts but it seems that only recently has the women artist movement has come roaring back. The last year has seen an uptick in woman artwork  with blue chip giant Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery (Los Angles), The Saatchi Gallery of London, and more recently the Orange County Museum of Art devoting entire shows to women artists.

For years women artist have been nearly excluded from popular art history books. Only as recent as 1986 has “Janson’s History of Art”, included women as part of their publication.

Selected from hundreds of local, national and international artists Las Laguna has set together a show that is sure to explore the many facets of women’s work.

Lisa Clarkes’ mixed media sculptures draw a view into a unique and otherworldly. At a glance the works may appear dark, but upon closer examination they reveal twisted humor, an element of irreverence, and novel interpretations of familiar characters.

Hannah Reinhard’s “Orange Popsicle” almost makes you want to blush. As if the subject is purposely enticing you in mockery. Her method of execution is spirited, brilliant and beautiful.  Other standouts in this show are Daena Titles’ work “Fists and Confetti” and Suzanne Heads’ Charcoal and Ink Wash titled “Ophelia”.


Artists include: Kim Anetsberger, Jean Davis, JoAnne Delomba, Brigitte DeMarco, Christine Ferrouge, Leslie Graff, Suzanne Head, Valerie Hollstein, Kim Johnson, Carrie Kaufman, Susan Mac, Kirsten Van mourick, Kathryn Noska, Alisa Proctor, Hannah Reinhard, Julie Stricklin, Melisa Smith, and Daena Title

This exhibition features works in Acrylic, Assemblage, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Mixed Media, New Media, and Oil.

Quickly becoming one of the premier contemporary and fine art galleries in Laguna Beach, California; Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture – regionally, nationally and internationally; through unique collaborations between artists, students and the community.

Las Laguna Gallery is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Village. Laguna Village is an artist alcove situated on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This location is a must stop location with artist galleries, and jewelry shops. Our location features a restaurant, bar, and there is live music in the fire-side theater Tuesday thru Saturday.

Women in Art
Artist Reception: March 2 from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm
Exhibition runs: March 2 to March 31, 2017

Feature Images:
Her Call by Leslie   by Graff Sutton, Acrylic
I Know What It Is   by Kirsten Van Mourick, Gold Leaf and Oil
Royals Series Princess 2   by Susan Mac, Digital Painting


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