Wesleyan Potters

Wesleyan Potters

350 S Main St Middletown, CT

Phone: (860) 347-5925

Email: info@wesleyanpotters.com

Gallery Website:www.wesleyanpotters.com

Wesleyan Potters, Inc. is a non-profit cooperative guild founded in 1948 to promote the learning and development of skills in crafts.

Classes are held year-round with lectures, exhibits, demonstrations and films scheduled as special events with visiting craftsmen conducting workshops and artists’ critiques. Qualified teachers give classes in our well equipped studios.

The Gallery/Shop is open year round Wednesday through Sunday with a variety of crafts for show and sale including handwovens, jewelry, pottery, wooden ware and more.

Our Annual Exhibit & Sale which opens the day after Thanksgiving every year, and runs for 2+ weeks. It includes the work of over 250 artists from New England and the US.

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