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In Europe and the United States the concept of an art colony is very common. Artists gather to share ideas, recent works, experiences and techniques with friends and fellow artists. Because painting can be a very isolated experience, especially when an artist is trying to develop a large collection of work for exhibition, the colony gains importance. Over the years, The Art Guide has encouraged an internet based art community for thousands of viewers. Our Featured Gallery/Artist pages and Facebook information extend a similar camaraderie of shared new works and exchanged ideas.

The Art Guide, iGallerY offers international artists the opportunity to join an expanded internet art colony reaching beyond the borders of the United States. This gallery page gives our viewers the rare opportunity to take a snap shot at the work produced by a skilled and very talented group of new professionals.

Presented this month is a diverse gathering of artists, whose summed works have been displayed in galleries and solo exhibitions throughout the world. We are pleased that they very generously share with us a glimpse into their lives through their biographies and works of art.

If you live outside the US and are interested in having your work featured in iGallerY please email: info@theartguide.com

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