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Fay Wood Studio/Gallery

123 Market St Saugerties, NY

Phone: (845) 246-7504

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Art using Found Objects has attracted me since I was living in the San Francisco Bay area, and saw the large sculptures made by local artists from objects lying on the edges of the Bay. They were fantastic, noisy, beautiful works with great energy, a sense of humor and form.

Making a few of my own pieces in the 70’s and later when I had a permanent studio in a wonderful church in Saugerties, NY, and beginning to combine objects with the cherry wood carvings I had been making, I began to develop a technique that worked well for me which I’ve continued to this day.
I favor wood objects, but have worked with a metal series, and have found success in layering found rag paper over metal and wire armatures, then adding interesting objects to the mix and finishing with paint and beeswax.
I’m a traditionalistic that I like to make works that have a permanence and are unique. I follow a quote by Virginia Woolf.” Arrange whatever pieces come your way” Fay Wood
Owning a work of art can add many years of pleasure and delight to your life. When you consider the talent, effort, and imagination that is involved in creating the art that you enjoy, you will understand how the price is calculated.
The artist must work in a space that will accommodate the expensive tools, safety equipment, and materials required to make the work intended. This also requires utilities, insurance, and the cost of the space.
Artists try to use the highest quality materials for their work; even “found object” materials must be selected and are time- consuming to acquire. Any artwork, from the first concept to the completion of the piece, needs hours of design, engineering, fabrication and finishing – artists care deeply about their work and committed artists spend many hours working out the details and final creation of the work.
Artists must create a body of work; they rarely sell all the work they make. Artists have to make some work on speculation,to be available to show gallery owners, collectors, and corporate boards interested in commissioning the artist. If the artist is represented by a gallery, the gallery adds 30 – 100% to the artist’s price. The investment is large.
Most artists, whatever their reputation, have to teach or rely on other sources of income in order to continue to create. Art doesn’t just happen. When you are looking at a work, you may not be aware of all the layers of cost. Please remember – to create a particular work of art a highly talented, imaginative and committed professional artist has spent many years of study and practice to build the excellent work you are admiring.

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