Zodiac & Geology

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Sep. 7, 2024 - Oct. 9, 2016

486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, 02118
(617) 482-7781


Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent shows, Zodiac by Donna Dodson & Geology by Andy Moerlein.
Zodiac, Donna Dodson’s fourth solo exhibition at the Boston Sculptors Gallery. In her new body of work Dodson has created two parallel series, referencing both the animal characters associated with the Chinese, or Eastern zodiac, as well as the sun signs of the Western zodiac. Dodson’s exhibition offers us a menagerie of compelling creatures carved in wood.
Geology, featuring new sculptural works by Andy Moerlein. Informed by the artist’s enthusiasm for scholars’ rocks, the exhibition will include found rocks, ceramic pieces, wood carvings, and sculptures in other media reinterpreting this ancient Chinese art form.

Boston Sculptors Gallery  

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