Knockdown Center

Feb. 7, 2024 - Mar. 8, 2015

52-19 Flushing Ave
Queens, New York 11378


Knockdown Center, in collaboration with bitforms gallery, is excited to present a site-specific installation by Swiss artist, Zimoun. Twelve-foot long roof laths will by suspended from thin ropes affixed to the ceiling of our 11,000 square foot atrium. These will be synced with a mechanical system of electric motors that will generate enough power to lift each lath off of the ground and then drop them back to the floor at random intervals — a physical knockdown. The laths will form a forest of industrial lines, a complex visual and acoustic pattern. Visitors can walk around and through the installation, where they will be surrounded by the indeterminate orchestra of sounds and interlocking rhythms caused by hundreds laths falling to the floor. The title of the piece is the sum of all the materials, 250 prepared ac-motors, 325 kg roof laths, 1.8 km rope.

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