Zig Zag Zim

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Feb. 26, 2024 - Mar. 13, 2016

250 Broome street
New York, 10002
(212) 260-2481


This Exhibition is in two parts, part one features work from four artist. Virginia Chihota, Admire Kamudzengerere, Rachel Monosov and Justin Orvis Steimer

Zig Zag Zim has its roots in of our Zimbabwe Artist Residency. In the Summer of 2015, we embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Coming from different corners of the planet, on a Winter’s day in July, we landed in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. We expected to be amazed. We hoped to learn and grow. We even thought we might mock our own “otherness” and
pursuit of the exotic. What we did not know then was that this trip would change us forever.
The “we” in this case were Catinca Tabacaru, the gallery’s fearless namesake owner, Raphael Guilbert, the young and multi-talented assistant director, and three roster artists: Russian-Israeli force of nature Rachel Monosov, Surinamese Xavier Robles de Medina whose talent is as true and ancient as the plains burning all over Sub-Saharan Africa, and American rock-star painter Justin Orvis Steimer.


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