Axelle Fine Arts

Apr. 18, 2024 - May. 17, 2015

472 West Broadway
New York, New York 10012


AXELLE FINE ARTS GALERIE SOHO welcomes back French painter YVES CRENN for a solo exhibition of exquisite new works. UN AUTRE TEMPS (Another Time), Crenn’s sixth solo exhibition at Axelle, will feature stunning nudes, touching still lifes and soulful animal portraits. Although Crenn broaches a wide range of figurative subjects, his paintings are unmistakable due to his unique choice of mediums – he works with a distinct combination of dry pastels and watercolor on paper. This unusual technique adds a beautiful texture and softness, qualities that define Crenn’s style.

Crenn was deeply affected by a trip to Pompeii at a young age; he was fascinated by the frescoes and artifacts preserved in ashes as well as by the unique Roman architecture of the city. The effect of this experience is still apparent in his work; the textures and muted color palettes are reminiscent of ancient frescoes.

Born in 1969 in Vernon, France, the artist studied drawing and oil painting at Les Beaux Arts de Rouen for six years. His first exhibition was in Germany while he was still a student. After graduating, he enjoyed several public exhibitions, particularly of his drawings on paper. He is a highly skilled draftsman and his talent remains evident in the precision of his current work. In 2003, he began experimenting with his current method of combining dry pastels and watercolor and since, has exhibited at galleries across France, Germany and the US. He had a successful solo show at ArtLondon 2010 and his work was on view at the Panorama Museum in Leipzig, Germany the same year.

Artension accurately described Crenn’s sensitive interpretations of the world as “an expression of an individual interior need.” His art forever preserves his subjects in beautiful, contemplative states – much like the antiquities of Pompeii. Crenn currently lives and works in Rouen, France. He will attend the opening reception on April 18.

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