Your Shape

Atlantic Gallery

Nov. 28, 2024 - Dec. 3, 2016

548 West 28th Street
New York City, 10001
(212) 219-3183


An exploration of the masculine identity and search for self: a unique photography exhibition featuring “the beard”.

NEW YORK, DECEMBER 2016 – On Thursday, December 1st from 5 to 9PM, the Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea will host the opening reception of Your Shape. The exhibition will be open to the public starting Monday, November 28th till Saturday, December 3rd from 12 to 6PM. The goal: to bring the unique Italian style of the beard to New York — the city that has transformed the beard into an unstoppable trend.

The Italian artistic team is spearheaded by Milanese photographer Roberto Chierici and curator Erika Arosio, by their side are renowned barbers Robert Briscolini and Giovanni Cibin. The show explores the masculine search for self and how male identity is expressed in the way men trim their beard.

In photographs mounted on aluminum and plexiglass, Roberto Chierici captures the allure of an entirely masculine world. Men reflect on their own images through their beards: a feature that is so versatile and that can give importance not only to the face but to one’s identity. Throughout history, men’s beards have signified status, force, wisdom, and class. Every civilization and culture has used the beard as a distinct symbolic language. And today, according to this artistic study, the implications are in fact psychological.

The models in the photographs were groomed by barbers Robert Briscolini and Giovanni Cibin, nationally renowned barbers who have made beard-grooming an integral part of their profession. Briscolini and Cibin will be demonstrating their skills during the opening reception of the exhibition. Their craft and vocation becomes almost divine as with each movement and gesture of their hands we are reminded of a sacred and timeless ritual.

Your Shape has been hosted in prominent spaces and galleries across Europe and Asia attracting International attention from both artistic and anthropological perspectives.

Atlantic Gallery
Thursday, December 1st, 2016 5pm-9pm
Your Shape
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