Works on Paper

The Art Center

May. 1, 2024 - Jun. 30, 2021

1 Washington Street, Suite 1177
Dover, 03820
PHONE 603 978-6702

The Award-Winning Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire announces an exciting new exhibit at the Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire called “Works on Paper”.

Paper, this most mundane of everyday objects, can accommodate an amazingly diverse range of media. Better yet, works on paper can offer a glimpse into an artist’s creative process. For many artists, the flexibility and immediacy afforded by working on paper becomes instrumental to their art practice as they use paper to sketch out new ideas and techniques. Far from being confined to studies and experiments, works on paper represent an important mode of making finished artworks. Rebecca Proctor has taken all of this into account with The Art Center’s new exhibit “Works on Paper”. The Art Center received entries from all over the USA and Europe which Proctor then winnowed down to curate a cohesive display with a contemporary twist.
Having a first-class printmaking studio at The Art Center for the last year or so has revealed its influence on Proctor as she chose excellent monoprints for this show from artists around the country. Traditional media include charcoal, various watercolors, ink works, oil pastels and gouache. Sharon Paul Brusie has finely rendered large works of oil on paper, and lovely effects were created in the hand-woven paper works of Alyson Ainsworth and evocative mixed media works of Joanne F. Desmond. In fact, mixed media plays an important role to the theme, comprising 17 pieces in the exhibition. Of the digital works, the striking, “Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream, part 2” by Aaron Wilder takes up an entire wall of The Art Center Gallery. Especially impressive are the fabulous paper sculptures on framed canvas by Ziya Tarpore and the charcoal and oil on paper works of Christopher L. Brown. Large and lush, these artworks will definitely excite those who love a contemporary, out of the box interpretation of “Works on Paper.”
Rebecca Proctor has balanced bold and subdued colors throughout the show’s works providing a pleasing overall aesthetic. The artwork covers a gamut of techniques used on paper and provides an invigorating look at what artists are creating on paper today.

Visit “Works on Paper” at, where you can see the artwork up on a virtual wall. Hit the “Next Room” button to see the whole show or click on the artwork to find the name of the artist, pricing, medium and size. If you click in the lower left-hand corner, numbers will come up and you can scroll to the next individual artwork in the show. The exhibit can also be seen in person by calling (603) 978-6702 to set up an appointment. The Art Center is at One Washington Street, Suite 1177. For more information, visit, call (603) 978-6702 or email [email protected].

Artists in the Exhibit “Works on Paper”: Leslie Singer, Carolyn Albracht, Jennifer Johnston-Baker, Kara Daviau, Phil Leith-Tetrault, Viktoria King, Dean Carillo, Jr., Wren Kenney, Rebecca Klementovich, Aaron Wilder, Lillia Shuel, Jazmin Ruotolo, Danielle Nixon, Elisabeth Malloy, Chang Wan Jin, Allen Morris, Cameron Scott, Barbara Martin, Alyson Ainsworth, John Kildahl, Joanne Desmond, Elise Mills, Christopher Brown, Doug Vaughan, Russell Brandwein, Jackson Brandwein , Shazia Fahim, Melody Asbury, Ziya Tarapore, Mary Terrizzi, Scott Bircher, Joseph Flaherty, Robert Weinstein, Sharyn Paul-Brusie, Rodee Hansen, M.M. Ciciovan, Ruth Bleau, Joelle Gavel and Seth Hamor.

Press release written by: Resident Artist Juleen Stacy

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