Works on Paper

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Sep. 20, 2024 - Oct. 28, 2027

622 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534
PHONE 518 828 1915

Artists have been drawing and painting on paper for thousands of years because of its versatility, texture, and durability. The “Works on Paper” exhibit at Carrie Haddad Gallery will feature 17 artists who utilize a wide array of conventional and unconventional techniques working on and with paper. The exhibit will be on view from September 20th through October 28th and an opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday September 22nd from 6 – 8 PM. All are welcome to attend.

Paper, with every fiber of its being (literally), provides modern civilization with countless uses. From currency to communication, packaging, cleaning, and in some cultures eating – it’s everywhere! In the arts, paper is chosen time and again as a medium and material for its texture, as well as its robustness. After all, it’s thanks to paper that Leonardo da Vinci’s (and many other artist’s) concepts behind his larger works have been preserved for generations of people to see. And so we celebrate paper and the many ways it can be used.

Included in the show are paintings, prints and drawings which use paper as its surface featuring the work of Claudia McNulty, David Paulson, Meg Lipke, Madelon Jones, Scott Nelson Foster, Maria Cristina Brusca, Jeannie Weissglass, David Dew Bruner, Mihail Chemiakin and the photography duo Kahn and Selesnick.

Some of the less traditional uses of paper include that of Paul Chojnowski who burns images into the paper itself, drawing with a blowtorch and water. Sarah Berney and Ken Polinskie create images from different colors of paper pulp which are then pressed together. Jenny Kemp uses paper cut-outs and Valerie Hammond sews beads to the delicate handmade paper. Both Ralph Stout and Perrine Simon collage layers of paper, while Louise Laplante uses collaged antique paper as the surface for her chalk drawings.

Carrie Haddad Gallery is located at 622 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. Gallery hours are 11-5 daily, noon -5 on Sunday. For more information please contact the gallery at 518.828.1915 or visit our website at Email inquiries to [email protected]

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